Alwitra Evalon VSK Flat Roof Installation - Internal RW Drainage

The Evalon range of single ply membranes from Altwitra is ideal for any roofing jobs whether it's for a new project or refurbishment.

Evalon Lower Roof

The membranes are incredibly durable for guaranteed performance, thanks to homogeneous composition technology...

A homogeneous material is a material that consists of uniform composition throughout. It is a material that is characterized by its inability to be separated mechanically into different materials.

The flexible single ply membranes are fully bitumen compatible and can be installed around a wide range of roof features and shapes. Additionally, it is available in eight colours as standard and other colours can be made to order.

In Summer 2014 we renewed a large bespoke flat roof area in Stornoway totalling approximately 65 square metres with an Evalon VSK insulated warm deck system. The works were carried out over a 2 month period.

Evalon High Roof

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