Whether it’s a new build or you’re replacing an old system, creating a warm, cosy living space that doesn’t cost a fortune to heat is usually a top priority. It’s vital, therefore, to understand what the perfect central heating solution for your project entails. That’s where our vast experience comes in handy.

Insulation & Air Tightness

It’s easy to install the perfect heating system in a new build. Having good insulation and high levels of air tightness are key to success, and this can be planned in accordingly from the start. With an older property, we can offer a range of options to suit your requirements.

Internal Wall Insulation

This system is used by most timber frame kits as there is room provided between the studs for insulation to be fitted. In a retro-fit situation, there is a fair bit of disruption involved as the internal plasterboard will have to be removed and the walls strapped with timber. To meet today’s standards, it is recommended that a solid boarded insulation like Kingspan or Quinntherm be used with a thickness of approximately 100-150mm but in a retro-fit situation (and you are retro fitting to a solid wall) you will often be limited to a 75mm frame containing 75mm of insulation. We are experts in this type of installation with ongoing contracts running from one end of the year to the other


External Wall Insulation

This method uses a special system which ties solid boarded insulation (usually 60mm thick Kingspan K5) to your outside walls with a roughcast finish. A good system if you want to avoid disruption to the inside of your property. We have considerable experience in this type of install having insulated over 40 houses with External Wall Insulation in the previous 5 years

Floor Insulation

The floor isn’t an element of the building that people tend to immediately think of when insulating their home. However, experts claim that insulating your floor can save you up to £60 a year on heating costs. On a concrete floor this involves strapping the floor and laying solid board or mineral wool insulation between the timber runners. On traditional timber floors this will usually involve filling the void with mineral wool insulation. We can provide the service whatever the scenario

Loft Insulation

Heat travels upwards; loft insulation provides a barrier that ensures that the heat produced in your home stays in your home and doesn’t escape through your roof. 270mm of mineral wool is a standard amount which will improve thermal capacity as well as satisfy any grant requirements. This is a simple installation that we can usually carry out in a day

Double Glazed Window

Windows & Doors

If you currently have single glazed windows and thin timber doors, then the chances are that your home’s heat losses are sky high. It is important to therefore ensure that your windows are double or triple glazed and that doors are insulated and well sealed to minimise draughts. With 20 years of experience in fitting quality windows and doors, we are in a prime position to specify, supply and fit new ones in your property.

Draught Proofing

Having recognised the amount of waste in draughty buildings, our Building Regulations are finally clamping down on draughts in new properties. Although this is specific to new build, the rest of the nation who already live in draughty properties are also encouraged to improve the air tightness of their homes and therefore reduce heat losses. There are numerous ways of doing this, a few of which are listed below:

  • Sealing around windows and doors with silicone
  • Using draught proofing tape to make sure that joints are properly sealed
  • Sealing any gaps around skirtings and pipes
  • Sealing any cracks in walls
  • Blocking off unused fireplaces, extractor fans, loft hatches etc.
  • Using draught excluders on internal doors

Initial Planning

Depending on your project, the end result may mean reaching certain standards, like the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) - this determines how the major structural elements (floors, walls, roof and glazing) will work together; the ultimate goal being to reach (or exceed) minimum Building Regulations standards for C02 emissions. Fossil fuel boilers have traditionally been the usual route to heating within the typical Western Isles home, however, as fossil fuels continue to run out and with Scottish Building Standards preferring renewable technology, the route to renewables becomes clear.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

Through our partnership with Mitsubishi Electric and our MCS accreditation we are professionals in designing, supplying, installing and commissioning Air Source heat pumps. The Air Source heat pump is a superb heating solution for a New Build house dwelling because Scottish Building Standards now demand a high degree of energy efficiency in any domestic New Build. The Air Source heat pump provides affordable green energy and works most efficiently (like any other heating system) when the home is properly insulated and air-tight. However there is no reason why the Air Source heat pump cannot be a retro installation and we have seen a huge success in retro installs locally through the hundreds of heat pumps we have installed in Hebridean Housing Parnership Housing (HHP) housing over the previous years gone by. Like all renewable energy, the Air Source heat pump is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) so when a customer installs this type of heating system they are rewarded with a quarterly payment by this government scheme over a fixed 7 year period. Depending on the size and usage of the heat pump this can amount to up to £10,000 over the 7 years at the current rate of 7.51p/kwh. On 20th September 2017 the domestic RHI is set to jump from 7.51p/kwh to 10.18p/kwh which is the highest it has ever been.

The Home Energy Scotland renewables loan scheme is funded by the Scottish Government and is currently open to applications. Interest free loans of up to £10,000 are available to owner occupiers in Scotland who wish to install a domestic renewables heating system so getting the capital for the initial installation couldn’t be easier.

The way we see it, there has never been a better time to install Air Source heating in Scotland as these systems by and large pay for themselves through efficiency, RHI income and the interest free loan scheme. The award winning Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump is our product of choice and our Mitsubishi trained engineers are primed and ready for service. As approved installers of the product we are able to offer a 5 year guarantee on the heat pump units and a 3 year guarantee on the FTC5 Domestic Hot Water Cylinders.

Pellet Boilers (Biomass)

We have successfully installed many Wood Pellet boilers throughout the Western Isles as an accredited MCS installer and they have many advantages including:

  • Much lower carbon emissions than oil, gas or coal
  • Powerful heat system equivalent to traditional fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal
  • Wood pellets are much more price stable than other forms of fuel which is good piece of mind in an ever volatile energy market
  • Wood pellets are readily available to buy locally
  • Widely used across Europe as a favourable alternative to gas, oil or coal
  • Similar to oil fired boilers so easy to switch
  • Easy to control with automatic settings
  • Wood pellets burn cleanly and are more convenient to use than logs or wood chip
  • Eligible for RHI which is set to jump by 1.76p/kwh to 6.44p/kwh in Spring 2017

Solar Thermal Panels (Hot Water)

We have successfully installed many Solar Thermal systems throughout the Western Isles as an accredited MCS installer and they have many advantages including:

  • Endless amounts of energy, free of charge
  • No CO2 emissions during operation
  • Acts as a secondary heating system for your hot water
  • Cost savings: much less energy needed by primary heating system to heat water
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels
  • Solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing systems
  • Modern systems work efficiently even in Winter
  • Can be beneficial in a New Build to meet current energy efficiency regulations
  • Eligible for RHI which is currently stable at 19.74p/kwh

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Electricity)

We have successfully installed many Solar PV systems throughout the Western Isles as an accredited MCS installer and they have many advantages including:

  • They are a form of clean, green energy. During electricity generation with PV panels there is no harmful greenhouse gas emissions thus Solar PV is environmentally friendly
  • Solar energy is energy supplied by nature (the sun) – free and abundant
  • The cost of Solar Panels is currently on a fast reducing track and is expected to continue reducing – consequently Solar PV panels have a highly promising future both for economical viability and environmental sustainability
  • PV panels have no mechanically moving parts, except in cases of sun-tracking mechanical bases; consequently they have far less breakages or require less maintenance than other renewable energy systems
  • PV panels are totally silent, producing no noise at all; consequently, they are a perfect solution for urban areas and for residential applications
  • Residential solar panels are easy to install on rooftops or on the ground without any interference to residential lifestyle
  • Generation tariff: your energy supplier will pay you a set rate for each unit (or kWh) of electricity you generate. Once your system has been registered, the tariff levels are guaranteed for the period of the tariff (up to 20 years) and are index-linked
  • Export tariff: your energy supplier will pay you a further rate for each unit you export back to the electricity grid, so you can sell any electricity you generate but don't use yourself. At some stage, smart meters will be installed to measure what you export, but until then it is estimated as being 50 per cent (75 per cent for Hydro) of the electricity you generate (only systems above 30kWp need to have an export meter fitted, and a domestic system is unlikely to be that big)
  • Energy bill savings: you will be making savings on your electricity bills because generating electricity to power your appliances means you don’t have to buy as much electricity from your energy supplier. The amount you save will vary depending how much of the electricity you use

Do you have a renewables project in mind?

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